Protofolio Page

Roger Clark

New Media Interactive and Design Graduate from RIT. Looking for Full-Time Position. Graphic Design/Web Design

Visual Memoir:

Project made in class.  It is a reflection of myself, focusing on the passion I had towards drawing and video editing.

Design Projects:

Aquatic Comic Logo:

For this project we had to make-up a company that reflected ourselves and make a logo for that company.  I decided to create a logo for a web comic company called Aquatic Comics, since I’ve have made web comics in the past as a means for expression.  The water droplet within the logo also acts as the letter “A” for Aquatic.  The pencil that comes out from the side represents the drawing side of comics.  Since c is the last letter in Aquatic as well as the first letter in comic, I decided to have the two letter “c”s overlap each other for an additional visual effect.

Raise the Bar iPod ap:


While job searching I was ask to demonstrate my graphic design abilities through making a main menu for an iPhone app.  The company asked for it to have a “style should be classy, clean, and Metropolitan. The color scheme is black and silver with touches of gold and/or red. It should evoke an upscale cocktail bar.”  I made the design solely through Photoshop.  While the Twitter and Facebook icons were provided by their respectful site, I did make the other icons that appear in this app. by scratch.

Creative Chop Piece:

Chops E Blast ChopsPoster

For this class assignment, we each had to make three versions of a singular promotional piece for an upcoming school event.  The event was basically an artist spin on the popular TV show, Iron Chief.  The event would require participants to quickly make a creative piece within three days that followed three ingredients.  The ingredients are terms that their piece has to somehow be related to.  However, how they are related is up to the creator to decide.  This was the version that would be displayed on computer monitors through out the campus.  The other two pieces were of an e-blast email that would be sent to all the students in the cias school in the college and of a poster that would be placed around campus.

For the project we had to come up with our own logo for the project, which you can see in the lower left corner, the logo for the cias school, and a list of the three ingredients they would be able to use.  Other requirements included a section that when clicked would take them to the main website for the event, the date of the event, a hook, and a pre-given description for the event.  For this project, the treasure chest was the link to the website and the hook is on the top of the page with the description tucked underneath the hook.  This way, the words that are most likely to hook their interest would be most visible and the description would only be there if they wanted to see more about it.

New Media Tiger Awareness Pamphlet


A pamphlet to contribute to my New Media team for my senior year at college.  Our project was to make a virtual tiger that people can bond with through motion controls and through its design.  The pamphlet is two pages, front and back, with the the front page on display here.  It’s purpose is to give a bit of additional information about tigers for those who have just interacted with our tiger to give them more information, ways to continue the experience online, and how to help these creatures.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Boss Bio

As part of a hobby of mine I have made several video series about video games that serve as a mix between entertainment and being informative about the game I am playing.  For one of these series I have made graphics like this that I display before major boss battles in the game.  They tell the viewer how much damage it will take to defeat the boss, techniques at their disposal people playing the game should look out for, and what types of moves players should use against them.

This boss bio in particular required a bit more work than the boss bios I made in the past since that portion of the game required fighting against two enemies, with their own sets of skills at the same time.  I needed room for list all the abilities between both characters, yet still have the drawings I’ve done for each of them still visible.  My solution was to put the drawings in the background, but put the text over transparent squares so both the text and the images were fairly visible.  To display what works and doesn’t work against bosses in the game, I make a basic circle and put official game art of a character that relates to that weakness or resistance on top of the circle.  This along with the majority of my graphical work was design in Adobe Photoshop.

JackitK Tries Title Card


As part of a video series I make involving first impressions of video games and levels I make these title cards to use as an image preview before watching and an introduction to the video.  I make most of these by starting with a screenshot from the game I feel is fitting to what I play within the game.  Then I add my own creative spin to it by adding in drawings of characters that fits the screen shot, sometimes even interacting with the environment in the screen-shot from the game.

Valentines Cards:

Vday-card2 Vday-card1

A short project I did to build up my portfolio with more recent works.  I created everything from the background to the drawings myself.


Standing Out in the Rain:

Project in my 2D Animation course.  For the project we had to use rotoscoping.  So I used a clip from a video game to start off the animation.  After that, I basically took the trace into my own direction to go along with the song, “Standing in the Rain”.  Animated in Photoshop.  (Click the image to go the video of the animation.)
Inside the Lair:

My final project in my 2D animation project.  In it, a lone hero gets trapped in a  dark lair, with a twist.  The project used a combination of animation in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.  Adobe Premiere was used to synch music into the animations.  The project makes use of my ability to use loops as well as animate on multiple layers within Adobe Flash. (Click the image to go the video of the animation.)

Web Pages:

Sliders Project:


SliderScreen2 SliderScreen3

The main project I did during my co-op working with the RIT co-op department.  Through Javascript and Jquery, I had to create an interactive page used to determine what skill-sets would fit the major students are considering or what career paths are best suited for the major students are considering.  As you slide the sliders to the right to based on either your skill-set or your career interest, the sections in the middle will fade out the less relevant the major becomes.  Alternatively, you can click the buttons to the left and the sliders to the right will automatically be set based on what values best suit that major.

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